We are skilled and experienced cleaners with a mission to provide a neat and good looking environment through quality and standard cleaning at an affordable price.We have the right tools and equipment, to deliver the desired quality and needs to our clients

We include general cleaning, pulling trash, dusting, cleaning restrooms, vacuuming, and other cleaning duties as assigned by our amiable and competent supervisor

Our Mission

At S-CLEAN, we continue our reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service, ethical business practices, highly trained and motivated personnel and the most advanced, environmentally-intelligent cleaning products and technologies.

Our custom cleaning solutions, quality assurance program, professional people and responsive service levels have set us apart in the market and contributed to our growth.

Our customer-centric focus on responsive and long-standing business relationships is founded on resolving your cleaning challenges efficiently and economically.

Consistent and constant educating and training keep S-Clean aware of the latest developments in the industry. Passing this information on through training programs with our employees ensures “peace of mind” to our customers. Over the course of time S- Clean has developed an admirable working relationship with its customers.


As a cleaning company,we have futuristic aims for our client.We want to ensure we use our wealth of experience in delivering lasting quality cleaning service for our clients.