Office cleaning

S -clean professional cleaning service will keep your office clean for you.By organizing it ,redesigning your office space and to get things easily and unhindered, thereby creating a conducive working environment.

Home cleaning

In cleaning your house as a professional, you will not ruin any of your furniture or appliances.S-CLEAN will help to move items, dust the rooms, focus on bathrooms, toilets, cleaning of all the fixtures, vacuuming, kitchen and every area needed to be cleaned perfectly without any stain and breeding of germs.

Apartment building

 We use special equipment and products to clean the property and to work on most of the indoor and outdoor services. we also help to remove all staples and nails you have fixed on the wall with the use of a magic eraser. we also fill the sink with warm water and add detergents…

Restaurant and Cafe

Our professionalism offer cleaning services ranging from cleaning restaurant hoods to remove biohazard contaminants. We sanitize the surface that includes table tops, countertops, bars and chairs. We ensure condiment bottles on tables such as mustard, salt, pepper are neatly packed. The floors are also mopped with effective disinfectant.

Bars and night clubs

 In cleaning bars, we help to clean foul smell and unclean spaces .we also help to get rid of dirt and oil that might have stained the wall during the night club. We ensure some used equipment like blenders, mixers, refrigerators are properly washed and cleaned. We ensure all these are done to avoid the growth of any bacteria which can lead to infection.

Factory cleaning

We help our client to wash and clean their factory so as to avoid any foul odor, fumigate the surrounding, controlling of pest with effective chemicals. As part of our work, we help our client to clean their factories, especially we focus on the equipment that has built up dust and grime.

Window cleaning

We clean the window by putting on rubber gloves to clean the surface with a soft bristle brush, in order to avoid drips and dirt. We place towels on windows, in order to prevent any environmental dust.We assist our clients to remove every dirt and unwanted substances from their windows, fixing the worn out ones and applying of chemicals to make it fixed.

Specialized Cleaning

This special cleaning service is designed for the senoir citizens and families with busy schedules or engagements. We have trusted and experienced staff for this service and we would be pleased to work for you if you contact us today. To book our service, kindly call: +35844941987 or email:

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