Specialized Service

This special cleaning service is designed for the senoir citizens and families with busy schedules or engagements. Sometimes it is quite challenging for retired couples to actively do their regular house cleaning activities as they usually do when they were still in their active service. How things change over time!

Also, as work and other life’s engagements get more tedious, it becomes challenging to keep up with our domestic activitives. Cleaning our homes regularly may not be as easy as it would when our schedules were less busy. How can this be resolved?

S-clean has specially designed this service for you. We would take care of all your house cleaning and other domestic activities that you may request. Our service charge per hour is moderate when compared with other cleaning companies.

We have trusted and experienced staff for this service and we would be pleased to work for you if you contact us today. To book our service, kindly call: +35844941987 or email: info@sclean.fi